Is PBT® Coaching for you?

If you find joy in helping others transform, become certified as a PBT® Coach and start your legacy.


  • Working with people who are currently going through what you’ve gone through and healed from
  • Making a real impact in someone else’s life and turning their pain into purpose again
  • Getting paid for your knowledge and expertise
  • Positioning yourself within a community of people who need, value and appreciate your unique expertise
  • Being an important part of a movement to help people heal from the pain of betrayal...once and for all

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Here's what we'll cover:

1. What it means to be a Certified PBT® (Post Betrayal Transformation®) Coach or Practitioner.

2. What becoming a PBT® Coach can do for you personally as well as for your business.

3. The opportunity to work within The PBT® Institute if it's a fit.

4. How the certification process works.

The PBT® Certification program was perfect for me. It allowed me to complete the training at my own pace and Debi was always available for support if needed. The PBT® Certification gave me confidence to move forward in my coaching career as well as support many women who have experienced betrayal. 

Peggy Porter

Registered nurse, Coach U graduate, Certified PBT® Coach

Enrolling in and completing Dr. Debi’s PBT® Certification Course has been a remarkable experience for me, personally and professionally.
Her insight, wisdom and guidance has allowed for an even deeper dive into my own healing journey while giving a stronger voice to the coaching I offer the clients I’m blessed to serve.

Mindy Gorman-Plutzer


Certified PBT® Coach

The world of coaching is filled with constant twists, turns, difficulties & unexpected challenges. Because of these challenges & demands getting the proper certification is crucial. Certification through PBT® will give you the confidence needed to be able to navigate this absolutely amazing, but often challenging, work.


Certified PBT® Practitioner

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