Are you leaving?

Oh no! Is it true??

Oh no! Is it true?? Word on the street is that you’re thinking of cancelling your membership.
Of course we’ll respect any decision you make but before you make your final decision, we want to be sure you knew these four things so please read below…

  1. We know it takes time to feel comfortable in a new community and that’s exactly what Ling is on board to help you with.
    Would you like to set up a call with her so she can suggest which groups, classes, Coaches, Practitioners or even a “buddy” who’s traveling a similar path?
    Just email: and she’ll help you create the perfect process based on you and your individual needs.
  2. Are you a Standard Member and you’d benefit from additional support from Dr. Debi, a Certified PBT Coach or Practitioner? Become an Upgraded Member and take advantage of a variety of experts YOU get to work with on a 1-on-1 basis each month. You can upgrade your membership here.
  3. Not using your sessions and bonuses with Dr. Debi or the Certified PBT Coaches or Practitioners? Support is so important. Instead of cancelling, become a Standard Member so can still take advantage of classes, curated experts and the community for $200 less each month. Change your membership here.
  4. None of those suggestions change your mind? Ok but please remember that once you cancel, we give you a full SIX MONTHS before you’re able to rejoin. Why? We know that healing takes commitment and consistency and quitting too early doesn’t give YOU a fair shot at getting what you truly need to heal. So we just want to be absolutely sure you’re doing what’s best for you.

If at this point, you still want to cancel your membership, please email We’re going to miss you and hope our paths cross again sometime!

Dr. Debi and The PBT Team

Cancellation FAQs

How do I cancel?

Email to let our Customer Care and Client Specialist, Ling, know and she’ll help you.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Please give us 5 days before your next billing cycle to cancel your account.

Can I sign up again after I cancel?

Consistency is key and when it comes to healing from betrayal, starting and stopping just doesn’t work. You won’t get the results you want and deserve that way and, quitting only leaves you feeling worse. So, if you find that membership wasn’t a fit for some reason, we require a 6 month break until you’re able to join us again. Trust is everything when it comes to healing from betrayal and we want our community to trust that our members and practitioners are all in this together with the shared common goal of healing and beyond! So, before you quit, please think it through carefully.

What if I can’t attend classes live?

No worries! As long as you signed up for a class, it’s recorded and will be available within 3 business days for you to watch.

Is it too late to cancel for the month?

Once we process your cancellation request, you’ll remain a member for the month you paid for. For example, if you paid for November and cancel before December, you won’t be charged for that upcoming month.

Can I freeze my membership?

Unfortunately, it’s too complicated technically to freeze your membership and we’ve found that when you want to pull back is actually when you often need support and community more than ever. So it’s important to prioritize your membership as best you can and if you need to stop, we’re so sorry to see you go but we’ll do our best to understand.

Once I cancel, do I still have access?

At the end of the month you paid for, you will no longer be able to log in to access content, coaching, classes or the membership community.

Never mind, I'm staying!